1959 – 2018

Marc played guitar from his mid-teens to a few weeks before his death of pancreatic cancer. He started with lessons on Spanish guitar; frustrating at a time when he wanted to play the latest Stones, the finger-work he learned helped him figure out how to ape other styles.  He was in dozens of bands, from formal to one-offs, the biggest of which may have been the Rhythm Crazies and Birdorgan.

This site will be a collection of photos and videos that exist thanks to the photographers and videographers who came to shows, and who later became friends. Thanks, everyone – please let me know if I’ve messed up an attribution.

New Hampshire doesn’t have a reputation for wild, inventive, and exploratory music, but Marc helped find and connect those hungry for music, art, film, and performance with each other. He was able to entertain, and encourage others to make the leap and become entertainers themselves. I mean, after you see a grown man blast out a blazing guitar solo and the drag his guitar across the floor with a bunch of slinkies wedged in the strings, what’s stopping you?

– Dei Xhrist